Fresh Local Produce

Harvested and Delivered Fresh Every Day

Amazingly Fresh 

Have you ever had freshly-picked vegetables? The taste is incredible. We think ours taste even better. We grow our vegetables and herbs year-round in our state-of-the-art protected growing environments where every day is the best day of the year to grow and harvest at the peak of freshness. Our precision-farming technology allows us to harvest up to 7 days a week vs. conventional farms that can only harvest a few time a year. When it comes to freshness, conventional farms and greenhouses just can’t compete. Nobody sells fresher produce then we do. 

Locally Grown

Farm-to-Table has never been closer. Our vegetables and herbs grow within 1 hour of where you live, not thousands of miles away like most farms. Our farms are designed to operate in the same neighborhoods where the markets and restaurants that serve you are located. Our hyper Farm-to-Table and ground-zero approach not only ensures that we always have the freshest produce, but also allows us to be incredibly responsive to the local communities' market needs since our farmer live in the same communities we service. We harvest our crops at the peak of freshness and deliver them the same day. Since we are so close, we measure our delivery in food minutes instead of days or even weeks as conventional farms do. It doesn’t get more Farm-to-Table than us.

Highly Nutritious 

 We grow superfoods. Our fresh vegetables and herbs have the highest nutritional values. Since we grow in protected environments, our herbs and vegetables don’t lose their energy and nutrition fighting to survive against soil-borne diseases, pests, and uncertain water/weather conditions. Our technology actually optimizes our vegetables' nutritional value, strength and vigor because much less of the plants' available energy is spent in search of water and nourishment, thereby freeing the plants to divert their available energy to becoming the highest quality produce available today. It is a scientific fact that herbs and vegetables lose both their taste and nutritional value over time. Studies have consistently shown that many herbs and vegetables lose 60 to 70 percent of their nutrition and taste before they reach your table. We ensure our freshness and nutritional value by delivering our produce to you the same day it is harvested. Nobody grows more nutritious produce than we do.

Never Out of Season

We deliver an authentic local Farm-to-Table supply of your favorite fresh herbs and vegetables year-round. Traditional farms and greenhouses have to rely on outside weather conditions, so they can only have a few harvests a year with no control over when their crops are ready to harvest. When they do harvest, they have to pick and deliver everything at once, but never a steady year round supply. This also means that they can only offer authentic farm fresh produce a few days a year. Unfortunately, most farms then lose even that opportunity for freshness and nutrition by taking weeks from harvest to delivery. At best, it’s an antiquated 19th Century system in need of change. While most farms and greenhouses are limited to just a few harvests a year, we ensure a steady, always-freshly picked supply because we can cost-effectively control all of the variables that traditional farms and greenhouses don’t; i.e. weather, water, pests, etc. Instead of just a just a few harvests a year, our precision-farming technology allows us to harvest 5 or even 7 days a week with timed precision harvests. This means that you can buy locally authentic, fresh-picked Farm-to-Table produce every day of the year instead of relying on produce from thousands of miles away picked weeks before from who knows where by who knows who. We can provide fresh local strawberries in December; spinach, arugula and basil are locally available year-round. We can harvest and deliver fresh every day without regard for outside weather or water conditions. Winter, summer, spring or fall, we can deliver freshly-picked produce, even in the dead of winter. You can have fresh local micro-greens when you need them. At Metropolis Farms, the phrase “out of season” is obsolete!

No Pesticides EVER

Has anyone ever said, “I really miss that great pesticide aftertaste?” How about, “Can I have some cancer-causing weed killers sprayed on my dinner, please?” or how about “Would please use herbicides that kill all the bees and endanger our planets future”? We don’t use pesticides or herbicides EVER. Our proprietary Revolution Vertical Farming™ systems and technology ensure that our produce grows without the need for dangerous pesticides and herbicides.

Lasts Longer

Healthier, optimally grown produce picked and delivered at the height of freshness lasts significantly longer in your home than produce that sits for weeks and travels thousands of miles before it even reaches your local stores and restaurants. We all know that produce begins to lose its freshness and nutritional value from the moment it is harvested. Imagine how much fresher your produce will be without the long trip from farms located thousands of miles away. Our vegetables and herbs are delivered the same day they are picked and can be on your table almost as quickly as if they were grown in your own backyard. The Brix scale measures freshness, taste, nutritional value and shelf life of vegetables and herbs. We strive for Brix numbers of 12 or better at the point of delivery, more than double what you get from the average conventional or organic farms.


We grow exclusively with non GMO seeds. Officially GMO seeds are used to allow the produce to survive the heavy herbicides and pesticides used in outdoor farming. Aside from the many health risks that these chemical present, they are presently the leading suspected in the massive death of our countries bee population. Without bees to pollinate, our planet will not survive. We don’t have weeds, we don’t have bugs, we don’t need GMO seeds, and we don’t use them, ever!

Food Safety

Our protective environment and technology removes the dangers of soil borne diseases and heavy metal contamination like lead, arsenic and other contaminants that can poison your conventionally grown produce. In addition, according to the CDC most viral infections are attributed to adulterated produce. Last year the CDC estimates that 19-21 million Americans get sick from norovirus’s alone. Our produce is grown in a semi clean room state without the need for potentially contaminated manure, and other pathogens.

Food Security

After last year’s Ebola scare, food security has become a big issue worldwide. Most produce found in our markets and restaurants today travels thousands of miles by trucks, rail and/or overseas shipping containers before it reaches you. Along the way this produce is handled many times, often in many countries, exposing them to both contamination from other crops and animals and potential contamination from human borne pathogens. Our freshly harvested produce has none of these challenges (we even harvest wearing sterile gloves). Because we grow right in the cities where our vegetables and herbs are sold, our produce is only touched by our trained staff and only travels a few miles directly from our farms to local store and restaurants thereby almost completely eliminating food security risks.

Better for the Environment

Our method of farming is far better for the environment than either convention, greenhouse or traditional organic farming. We use less than 2% of the water and 12% of the energy required by conventional and traditional organic farming. Finally we recycle the nutrients we use unlike conventional farms that allow their fertilizer to seep into our water table.

Specialty Crops For Restaurants and Gourmets

Our precision farming technology and methods are a perfect fit the demands of restaurants and gourmets. Are produce is available for same day pickup and delivery to restaurants and stores within our local delivery radius. Even if you aren’t within our delivery range we ship for next day delivery via federal express nationwide to both restaurants and home gourmets. Our prices include the shipping costs. We love working with Chefs and gourmet to provide their specific exacting needs for fresh herbs and vegetables. We can deliver a consistent fresh supply of herbs and vegetables regardless of the season. Super Towers can even be dedicated to produce specific herbs or vegetables exclusively for select restaurants and a ready supply can always be available. If your menu requires specialty herbs or vegetables regardless of the region or the season, give us a call, we would love to provide you with a consistent fresh supply.